Det susar i Säve(å)n

Det susar i Säve(å)n




Nolhaga slott

Thank you to all the audience who came to Nolhaga castle park! Ten sold-out performances, lots of laughs and good fellowship have been there. Maybe we’ll meet again? Now we invite you to the Knight & Mermaid, which we play in Gräfsnäs castle park Read more  Welcome!

It’s buzzing in Säve(å)n

A story about friendship, about helping each other and living somewhere. Meet mole, water rat, badger, otter, toad, sneaky weasels and lots of brave rabbits! Free based on K Grahame’s novel now in Nolhaga castle park!

For children and adults from 7 years

Played for schools in year 2 and 3: Fri 5/5 & Fri 12/5 at 10am and 12pm

Do you want to book the performance for your school? Book here!

Playing time: 70 minutes

Location: Nolhaga Castle

Dramatization (free after K Grahame): Peter Wahlqvist & Staffan Nattsén
Director: Peter Wahlqvist
Costume: Pia Palm Wahlqvist
Music: Samuel Runsteen
Accordion: Maria Wingate, Lollo Konnebäck,
Mask, photo & layout: Alexandra Leyton Nattsén
Props: Björn Källhult, Örjan Dahl
Sewing studio: Gunnel Jönsson, Katja Kott Gustafsson
Sufflös: Julia Källhult
Production: ENteater in collaboration with Alingsås Musikteatersällskap

In the roles:

The water rat: Alexander Gustafsson

Badger: Björn Källhult

Mole: Katja Kott Gustafsson

The frog: Staffan Nattsén

Otter: Stina Jansson

Hosts: Örjan Dahl, Anna Forsberg, Frida Lenberg

The police: Frida Lenberg

Rabbits: Love Bard, Devin Jansson, Nova Jansson, Elly Lagerwall, Saturnus Lindqvist, Iris Skårman, Juni Tingbratt, Saga Tingbratt, Celiné Törnqvist

Thanks to Vinden Second Hand, Gallerian Storken, DSA Produktion, Red Cross Second Hand, Gothenburg City Theater, Derome Alingsås, Sundolitt, Sofi Storback and more!

In collaboration with AMTS, Alingsås Municipality, Alingsås Theater Association, Studiefrämjandet, with the support of VGRegionen, the Cultural Council, Sparbanken Alingsås

Read more about the Alingsåsbygden project in Time and space. On June 16, we have the premiere of The Knight & The Mermaid in Gräfsnäs castle park in collaboration with Kultur i Bjärke. Welcome!

Before the visit:

Theater hosts from Alingsås Teaterförening gather the audience at the front of Nolhaga castle and then go to the venue.

HWC is next to the castle or at Nolhaga Parkbad.

Dress for the weather! The sun is strong this time of year, so a cap or sunglasses can be good to have!

Feel free to visit Nolhaga castle café before or after the performance!

Warm welcome!

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
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